Making the world smarter, togerther.

ANSCENTER team consists of LabVIEW Champion, Certified LabVIEW Architects, Certified LabVIEW Developers, Data Scientists, AI Engineers, and Chartered Engineers. We are specialised in computer vision systems with Artificial Intelligence (AI) for LabVIEW applications. ANSCENTER helps make AI more easily accessible, affordable, and scalable for LabVIEW developers, empowering better data-driven decisions for manufacturing, surveillance, engineering, and education businesses. Our deep learning products support the native LabVIEW Application Programming Interface that allows LabVIEW developers seamlessly integrate deep learning technology NI Vision Development Module and NI Vision Builder AI for any LabVIEW applications with NI hardware.


Our Mission

AI is no longer an idea of the future. In fact, it’s currently changing lives, businesses, industries in every places. It’s the new big thing in technology, but we believe the world is currently lack a way to make the best use of artificial intelligence for everyone, for people who want to create an impact and accelerate innovation.

That’s why we created ANSCENTER to fulfill our vision of making the world smarter. Eventually, our goal is to provide you with the best modern AI development platforms that allow anyone to effortlessly build Al models without programming and in-depth AI knowledge, so you won’t just succeed, you will thrive with us. We’re just getting started, and so grateful to have you in our journey.

Core Values

1Progress toward perfection
2Strive for customer satisfaction
3Take ownership
4Build relationships that last
5Be supportive
6Find joy, and have fun


Here’s what our customers have to say
"The prices are reasonable comparing its powerfulness. And applications, ODHUB and DLHUB, are easy to use"

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